Kozy Stitches: A Store with Purpose

Canadian Handmade Crochet Clothing + Accessories


About Me

I'm a self-taught crochet designer, hard working yarn enthusiast, sweater loving individualist, easy-going small town farmer, total dreamer, Obsessed with coffee, comfy cloths and my animals 

I want to help you feel good, confident and comfortable with what you put on!
I want your clothes to stand the test of time!
Your clothes are an extension of who we are.   
So let me be the person to help you love what you wear so you share that radiance and confidence with the people around you!

My Mission

Fewer pieces made in a better way!

All my products are 100% made by hand by myself.  My mission is to design fewer pieces made in a better way.  I believe that quality is an investment in your future, so I make sure each piece is design mindfully and with intention.  I create these pieces to be timeless, to transition in and out of season and styles.  Clothing and accessories you will go back to year after year.  Clothing is a means of expression and making you feel confident and inspired by what you put on! I invite you to browse through my site to find just what you have been looking for in kozy crochet fashion!