Fashion Meets Modern Crochet

Hello, I’m Kristen Faubert, the owner, designer and woman behind the crochet hook at Kozy Stitches.  I’m a self-taught crochetist creating handmade, high-quality, functional garments for all women.    I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario where it was cold, very cold and keeping warm was a priority but was never fashionable.  I noticed there was a demand for finished, stylist, handmade garments and I decided to take my passion to the next level.  Kozy Stitches was brought to life in 2015, fueled by my entrepreneurial spirit and my passion to provide women with timeless high-quality garments.
The product line at Kozy Stitches is inspired by my northern roots, my love for the outdoors and functionally fashionable crochet wear.  Crochet cannot be mass produced and all pieces are handmade by myself.  Kozy Stitches features a line of larger garment items such as sweaters, vests, and ponchos in a variety of different yarn weights.  Matched with the larger items are a wide variety of hats, headbands and mitten sets.  Kozy Stitches is built on using high-quality natural materials and sourcing as much as possible from other small business owners. A variety of premium quality wool, wool blends, and acrylic yarns are available. Colors and weights can be mixed and matched to suit each customers preference. Product accents feature all-natural materials such as buttons and tags in both wood and cork.  Kozy Stitches is proud of its neutral color palate allowing each piece to be integrated seamlessly into customers current wardrobe. 
Kozy Stitches is a labor of love and seeing customers in my products provides a great sense of accomplishment.  We strive to provide women with unique handmade garments that will be staples in their wardrobe for years to come!  Clothing is a means of expression and about making people feel confident and inspired by what they put on! 
Thanks for stopping by and stay kozy out there xo


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