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Hey there!

I'm Kristen

I’m a small-town Canadian self-taught crochet designer + maker.  

Obsessed with: animals, sustainable living, comfy clothes and chocolate chip cookies.

Bring you handcrafted, timeless, functional crochet clothing since 2015.

If you asked me ten years ago if I would be making
crochet wear for a living, I wouldn’t have believed you!

Kozy Stitches

Growing up, I always had the desire to be an entrepreneur.  Working in my parent’s business, all of my teenage years sparked that flame, but I never knew what that business would be.

Well it all started in 2012. I had the desire to make my own clothing.


Yup, that’s all it took!  I came up with this bright idea, dove right in and literally never look back.  I have always loved knitwear, so I decided to teach myself to crochet in my free time.  Well, that hobby grew into an obsession not just with yarn but with making good quality, ethically made cozy clothing.
Unexpectedly, in 2015 I lost my job. Instead of jumping into another corporate sales job, I took it as an opportunity to do my own thing and start my journey.  My passion and desire to grow my clothing line were strong at the time, so that’s what I decided to do!  Now I’m six years into this journey and still loving my decision. I’m still learning and growing A LOT but wouldn’t have it any other way!


Why crochet over knitting, you ask?  


Well, I loved the rarety of crochet.  

I love the fact that you can’t mass-produced crochet by machinery like knitting.  

I love the endles textures and stitch combination crochet offers.  

I love being able to bring forward a beautiful skill that has been so undervalued over the years.  

Untitled design (2).png


Most days, you can find me with a coffee in my joggers and messy bun working in my studio on the farm surrounded by my fur babies!

You wanna know what gets me to pick up that hook every day?  Creating clothing that makes you feel good, confident and comfortable.  Knowing that your handmade pieces will last and transition effortlessly with your wardrobe for years.  I want strangers to stop you in the street to compliment you on what you have on!  If I can bring a bit of comfort, confidence and positivity to your life with the clothes you wear, then I have done my job as a designer.   

Amber Vest.jpg

after hours...

You can catch me outside working on the farm!
Kozy Stitches is one passion in my life, and the farm is another. 

My husband and I own a small 10arce farm where we homestead and market garden throughout the warmer months.  Neither of us grew up farming, but we started making significant changes to our lifestyle and way of living to transition into owning a farm over the last eight years or so.  Our goal is to grow and raise our food, live more simply, get back in touch with nature and ultimately have more control over our livelihood.  We purchased our farm two years ago now and have been slowly cleaning it up and growing it into our dreams.

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Let's be


Dropping in with weekly outfit inspirations, updates, + promos with YOU in mind! 

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